What you get when you grow your own food

  • Improve your family’s health
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Save Money on groceries
  • Have fresh produce
  • Get outdoor excercise
  • Build a sense of accomplishement
  • Enjoy food that tastes better
  • Save money on gas
  • Reduce your enviornmental impact
  • Be more self sufficient
  • Build your community
  • Save energy
  • Have FUN !
Prior Unity Garden
Prior Unity Garden

Prior Unity Garden is a community resource for organic, biodynamic, permaculture gardens and gardening.

We believe that the best food you can eat is fresh and grown close to home, at your home, for you and your family, by you and your family, and that is what Prior Unity Garden is here to help you do. If you have a yard, balcony, patio, roof or sunny window, we can help you integrate edible plants into your life. Growing your own food allows you to know where your food came from, eat really well, and have the satisfaction of “I grew that !” when someone comes over and remarks on how good the produce is at your house.

We offer a variety of services to assist you whether your are already a gardener or feel intimidated by the whole idea.

We help people be more sustainable, through healthy renewable nourishment that supports the planet, encourages cooperation, lifts the spirits, and vitalizes the being.

Bio-Dynamics integrates all aspects of your garden environment:
Bio-Dynamic is Life Dynamic, integrating vital forces, or energy, into the garden in ways that are inclusive of all who are part of the life web.

Permaculture is a pro-biotic system of cultivation intended to maintain permanent agriculture or horticulture by relying on renewable resources and a self-sustaining ecosystem emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems.

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Prior Unity Garden
Prior Unity Garden

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